What does 'unofficial beta version' mean ?
We have chosen Nike as the ideal first brand for our new game concept. Unfortunately in the real world, when a small company reaches out to a very large one, nothing happens...So we decided to launch in beta test mode to give Nike fans a taste of what we would like to release in full partnership with Nike. We do not charge users for our games so we cannot be accused of trying to make money off Nike's brand and fans. We do, however, have an innovative concept which we would take great pride to showcase to Nike at their convenience. In the meantime, all content and/or representations contributed by SFB, the software developer and distributor, have neither been verified nor endorsed by Nike.
What is Winike about ?
It is a super fun, giant trivia contest dedicated to Nike and its fans. Players compete against each other in fast pace games to win prizes and (soon) exclusive offers directly from Nike. NO OFFERS CAN BE ACTIVATED IN BETA MODE AS WE SEEK THE APPROVAL OF THE BRAND.
What can I win ?
There are 3 prizes to be won by 3 player every week, plus a monthly prize contest which you can only be invited to. The actual prizes and their frequency may vary without prior notice.
How do I participate to a prize event ?
Easy, unlocking a prize event requires a set number of Nike Points (NP) which can be won in Training Mode. Up to 100 NP can be won per training game, or 10 NP per right answer. The format is always 10 multiple-choice questions and you can play up to 5 games per day. Once you have enough NP to unlock a prize event, hit play to start. The required amount of NP will then be automatically debited from your balance. Bear in mind that, with the exception of the Social Event, all prize events switch to OPEN play mode after being played once and until the current play cycle ends. This means that you do not require to use any more NP to play again until new events are launched.
How many times can I play each event?
You can play each prize event up to 3 times during any weekly cycle. Once you have played the same prize event 3 times, access will be closed until the next play cycle starts.
What can I do with my Nike Points ?
The Nike Points you earn can only be used to unlock and play prize events. They have no other value nor function and cannot be bought, sold nor exchanged.
What is the Social Event ?
It is a monthly contest which gives away the highest value prize item to its sole winner. Access is invitation-only and restricted to users who have referred 3 of their friends. You can only play 5 Social Events per calendar month so be sharp !
How do I win a prize event ?
Simply by being the best, fastest score at the end of the play cycle !
What happens if 2 players tie ?
There cannot be a tie as our time tracking technology will always allow us to determine a winner.
Can I win the same prize event twice ?
Any player can only win the same prize event once within a 12 month period. After winning an event, the latter will remain locked for a year while all others can be played as normal. In the unlikely scenario where a player ends up winning all 4 prize events, he/she can keep on playing practice games for fun and regularly check their offers, while waiting for prize events to re-open. We reserve the right to ask for proof of identity in the event that fraud is suspected.
Does it cost money to play ?
No, it’s completely free to play and we will never ask you for any payments throughout your user experience !
What are badges for ?
Badges are designed to reward user loyalty. You can win up to 6 badges in a week play cycle, simply by taking part in all 3 prize events. Badges entitle you to exclusive, personalized vouchers from affiliated brand partners. The more badges you have, the more exclusive the vouchers you will be able to activate. Most vouchers require to ‘spend’ a certain amount of badges (min 0, max 100) in order to be activated.
What happens when I activate a voucher ?
You can only activate a voucher if you have the required number of badges to do so. It may occur that you are sent certain vouchers without being able to activate them right away. In such event, all you can do is keep playing and earn more badges ! Once you activate a voucher, the required amount of badges is automatically debited from your balance. You are also provided with a personal promotional code which expires within 48 hours, regardless if you have gone ahead with the purchase or not. NO VOUCHERS CAN BE ACTIVATED IN BETA MODE AS WE SEEK THE APPROVAL OF THE BRAND.
How do I redeem a voucher ?
You will need to activate the voucher first to access a unique promotional code. Only such code qualifies you for the relevant discount on the selected product. Promotional codes are either redeemable in our partners’ online store or physical outlets. Once activated, the voucher will usually display a link to the product directly in the online store. NO VOUCHERS CAN BE ACTIVATED IN BETA MODE AS WE SEEK THE APPROVAL OF THE BRAND.
Can anyone play ?
Technically, anyone from anywhere in the world can register and play but our beta version is reserved to UK/US users. We will only ship prizes in those 2 countries and winners outside the UK/US cannot claim their prizes. Bear in mind that, unless a version of the game has been specifically created in your country’s language, English will be the default language. Please check the Terms & Conditions upon signing up.
I just won a prize event, what now?
First of all, congrats ! We will send you an email confirming your win within 48 hours. You will need to reply back to us to confirm your email, identity and postal address. All prizes are indicative only and winners of respective prize events are sent Gift Cards for a set monetary value shown on the website. In most cases, such Gift Cards will be sent electronically however for the countries where digital gift cards are not available, we will send physical gift cards to our winners. Additional Shipping & Handling charges may apply at our discretion
Why are prizes listed in $ ?
We had to choose our reference currency for the site so we picked US dollars. In the event we have a winner from the UK (or another country once out of beta), we simply convert the value of the prize into British Sterling (currently £30, £60, £90 and £300). We will always do our best to use an up-to-date and fair exchange rate, at our discretion. Conversion rates cannot be disputed at any time by winners.
When do prize events close?
Prize events close at 6pm EST / 11pm GMT on set end date.
Any questions/comments ?
Please direct all correspondence to contact@winike.com. We'll do our best to reply within 24 hours.