Play for fun
Win for real

Bronze Event50 Nike Points
Silver Event100 Nike Points
Gold Event150 Nike Points

How it works

Getting started with Nike Points 
. Play in Training Mode and earn Nike Points
. Easy scoring with Bonus questions
. Use your points to unlock prize events
Prize Events – 3 winners, every week
. You can play each event up to 3x per week 
. Best score in fastest time wins, simple !
. Collect badges to access special deals
‚ÄčSocial Event – Win $500 top prize!
. Invite 2 friends and unlock monthly contest
. Be sharp, you only have 5 chances to win

About us

What is WiNike ?
It's a thrilling trivia game where Nike fans compete for real prizes

Is it free to play ?
Yes, 100% free with no in-game purchases

What can I win ?
Our Prize events are currently on pause, but you can still play for fun and learn the game for when they're back. 

Can anyone play ?
The beta version is only for US/UK residents
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